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Our Core - Manifested (new series)

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It's been a long while. I've had a crazy year. Well. I'm back. I will posting my latest works - in no ramdom order. I hope this is is a great year for all of us!

The depths of one's being, our core, is manifested by a difficult situation - an event in our lives that viloently shakes the center of our existence. all images © www.gurrolaphotography.com

I shot these images in Gilbert, AZ. I used:


  • 1 AB1600 camera right
  • Natural Light camera left


No HDR was used. I only used one image. I super imposed a "core" in the image. I love to mix graphics and photography. Photoshop allows you cook up your thoughts.
Tell me what you think! 

Our Core - Manifested

Our Core - Manifested
Our Core - Manifested
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